My Auckland Commute to Work

My Auckland Commute to Work.

Hacking the Brain with Prescription Drugs – an #infographic via @DailyInfographc

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hacking-the-brain Infographic

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Neurological Enhancements

… ” After studying this infographic I was not surprised to see that most brain-hacking drug users remain in the education industry. Scientists, professors and researchers use these drugs to have an edge above their competitors or to keep up with the work load. ” …

Read Hacking the Brain with Prescription Drugs
on DailyInfographic, Oct 26, 2012.

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Are #ClinicalTrials important? What do they involve, who can take part? Dr @BenGoldacre Interview


of course clinical trials are important, but this video offers additional insight as to why they are.

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In this video, Dr Ben Goldacre explains why clinical trials are important, what they involve and who can take part in one. He also describes common concerns patients might have and gives tips on what questions to ask before taking part in any research.

Sources and more information

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Practical Tips to Reach More People on Social Media

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Are you concerned about the number of people you are reaching on social media? Unless you are a major influencer, the answer to that is probably ‘yes’ (Well, on the second thought, any influencer would like to reach more as well :)). Even if you have tens of thousands of followers, regular growth on your social platforms are necessary to remain relevant in the medium. You want more than just numbers, you want engagement.

Unfortunately, social media isn’t like other realms. It is constantly changing and adapting, matching the tone, use and needs of the majority. Everyone has their own means of using social media, and you can’t appeal to them all. You can only hope to target your own individual audience, and keep them coming back, and sharing, so you expand your network organically.

The very fact that services providing follows for pay are so alarmingly popular shows a…

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Heaven is green, it’s confirmed.


great headline

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Credit: Kamal Bennani
Location: Picardie, France

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How to Increase Your Facebook Conversions Using Google Analytics

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Do you want to improve your Facebook conversions?

Have you considered combining the power of Google Analytics with your Facebook Insights?

Comparing this data can help you find Facebook fans who are most likely to convert.

In this article I’ll show you how to identify an optimum audience and match it with your Facebook fans for increased conversions.

increase facebook conversions

Find out how to increase Facebook conversions with Google Analytics.

#1: Identify Your Buying Audience

First let’s look at your website. Google Analytics is the best way to identify which segments of your audience are most likely to convert to your goals. In this section I’m assuming you have a clear understanding of how Google Analytics works, specifically how goals and events work.

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How to Find Hidden Social Media Referral Traffic With Google Analytics

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Do you know where all of your social traffic is coming from?

Want more detailed information on social media referral traffic?

The Google Analytics’ Social Network Referrals report gives you a top-level snapshot of social media referral traffic, but it may not show you everything.

In this article you’ll discover how to create custom URLs to find what is called dark social media traffic.

What Is Dark Social Media?

Dark social media traffic is referred to your site when you post a direct link to your content on a social media network and that link is clicked outside of the network.

For example, dark social media traffic happens when you post a link to Facebook and someone clicks on it from within a mobile dashboard app such as TweetDeck, or when someone copies that link and shares it via email or a text message.

find hidden social media traffic in google analytics

Find out how to track…

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