Preconception tort liability: recognizing a strict liability cause of action for DES GrandChildren

Preconception tort liability: recognizing a strict liability cause of action for DES GrandChildren.

Die Brücke in mostra a Genova

Originally posted on Artrotter's Blog:

Genova e il suo imponente Palazzo Ducale ospitano fino al 12 luglio una interessante mostra “Da Kirchner a Nolde. Espressionismo Tedesco” sugli artisti del “Die Brücke”(Il Ponte) movimento artistico tedesco nato agli inizi del Novecento(1905) e attivo fino quasi alla Grande Guerra.

Il nome stesso del gruppo ne sintetizza il significato: un ponte fra l’arte passata, classicheggiante, e il futuro rappresentato non da uno stile particolare ma dall’idea di rappresentare l’essenziale, l’idea che per ogni artista stava alla base dell’atto creativo.

I loro fondatori, studenti di architettura presto passati, da autodidatti , alla pittura e al disegno, si proponevano di sovvertire le regole della pittura accademica per dare spazio a una nuova visone che esprimesse al meglio le emozioni: dalla critica sociale, all’angoscia, al disagio.

Fonti di ispirazione formale e coloristica l’arte di Van Gogh e Gauguin, di Rousseau,Matisse e Munch ma anche l’arte primitiva.

Nasceva così, da questo gruppo, l’”espressionismo”…

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Empire Avenue Donors – Thank you so much

Originally posted on Kamal Bennani Photography:

Please find below the list of the generous Empire Avenue Leaders who helped so many players to become EA Leaders too.

Sir Rudiger and some amazing players are going to run a lot of invest missions in order to thank those generous donors. As promised, I’ll invest 100 millions eaves in invest missions for those donors, starting today.

A list of players running invest missions for those donors is available at the bottom of this article.
If you want to participate in this ‘thank you’ operation, please leave a comment with your ticker and the URL(s) to your invest mission(s).

ABCHEIKH Ahmed Ben Cheikh
AJEET AjeeT Singh
ALBERTOM Alberto Marques
ALOE1 Stockton Aloe 1
APACARADA Arber Pacarada
BERRIEPELSER BerArt Visual Design
BOOKMIDWIFE The Book Midwife
BOUCHAC Zbynek Kysela
CASHCONNECT Charles Carboneau
CHAOSCAT James Campbell

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Saying Yes To Roller Skating

Originally posted on Corky Bloom Studio:

Sometimes you need to do things that are not in your comfort zone. I like to pride myself that I will try new things. Yet, the older that I get, my comfort zone is beginning to shrink. I believe that my time is precious  and the possibility of getting hurt has made me think twice about trying new things. Once in awhile, there is something that seems to creep in through my comfort zone and gets me to do something that I never thought I would do. That thing for me was roller skating.

To me roller skating has been irrelevant for years. Going down to your local roller rink to jam out to music seem so 70’s. Sure inline skating is still popular, but this guy wants nothing to do with it. When a couple of people took me to the roller rink on the weekend, it totally caught…

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Breast cancer overdiagnosis costs $4 billion a year to the U.S.

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The costs from false diagnoses of breast cancer are “much higher” than previously documented, according to a new study published online on April 7, 2015.

Betty-Ford-Breast-Care About $4 billion is spent ever year in the United States because of false-positive mammography results and breast cancer overdiagnosis, according to a new study. Betty Ford Breast Care image via Spectrum Health.

2015 Study Abstract

Populationwide mammography screening has been associated with a substantial rise in false-positive mammography findings and breast cancer overdiagnosis. However, there is a lack of current data on the associated costs in the United States. We present costs due to false-positive mammograms and breast cancer overdiagnoses among women ages 40–59, based on expenditure data from a major US health care insurance plan for 702,154 women in the years 2011–13. The average expenditures for each false-positive mammogram, invasive breast cancer, and ductal carcinoma in situ in the twelve months following…

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How Medical Screening turns Healthy People into Patients – @TEDTalks video with @AKECassels

Originally posted on DES Daughter Network:

A drug policy researcher for the University of Victoria, Alan Cassels is a known for having a knack for finding and describing the chasm between what the market says and what science does in modern healthcare. Over the past two decades Cassels has spent much of his research energy studying clinical research and the marketing tactics of the pharmaceutical industry, including overdiagnosis and screening, turning some of that research into journalism and books, including an international best-seller

More information

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The Full Flower Moon 13th #FullMoonEngageMe #SocialMedia Event on #EmpireAvenue #SocialNetworking

Originally posted on DES Daughter Network:

full-flower-moon image In May 2015, between the 1st and the 5th, join our free social media event taking place at each Full Moon – via #EAv – and give a boost to your social networking! Full Flower Moon image via ISITE Design © all rights reserved connectivedx.

The Full Flower Moon

In May, abundant blooms give its full moon the name Flower Moon in many cultures.
Other full moon names include the the Hare Moon, the Corn Planting Moon (because corn is ready to plant), the Mother’s Moon and the Milk Moon.

13th #FullMoonEngageMe Schedule

Our free event will start on Friday the 1st of May 2015 at +/- 07:00 UTC and will last until Tuesday the 5th at +/- 24:00 in HERE.

Celebrating our 1st Year Anniversary!

Times flies… our 1st #FullMoonEngageMe event launched in May 2014…
This April 2015, Empire Avenue (EA) staff decided to add some extra extravaganza

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