The Google Graveyard – Infographic

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Celebrating the resting place of retired Google products and services, we grief for the services we once loved that now sit in the Google Graveyard

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New York City Impressions – BrooklynBridge – Sea Of Color

sucha compelling image!

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Brooklyn Bridge Color 187d9a90de6d11e295f622000ae90e55_7New York City Impressions | Brooklyn Bridge – Sea Of Color |

Picture taken with an iPhone 4S and edited with Doodle, BeFunky and Instagram filters. To see more photos visit Instagram.

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The Economics Of Going Viral – Infographic

The Main Street Analyst

Until recently viral YouTube videos were one-time flukes.Now an entire industry surrounds YouTube stars: Managers, PR programs, award shows, and content networks!

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Google Earth si aggiorna con Street View e altre novità! – iSpazio …

Manlio Mannozzi

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Google Earth è l’applicazione per cercare città, luoghi e attività ed esplorarli in vari livelli, tra cui strade, confini, luoghi, foto e altro ancora.

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Create a Happier Team

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Happy, engaged employees are good for an organization. Research shows they are more creative, produce better results, and are willing to go the extra mile. What’s more, happiness is contagious; it creates a virtuous cycle that leads to further engagement.

To bring more of that into your team, focus on what psychologists have identified as the three pathways to happiness: pleasure, engagement, and meaning.

Consider whether you are actively encouraging these things in your people. Do they enjoy their relationships and their environment at work? Do they laugh? Do they fill roles that fit their skill sets and offer appropriate challenges? Do they feel they’re a part of something that matters?

If the answer is no to any of these questions, brainstorm how you can adjust the team environment to bring more happiness in.

Today’s Management Tip was adapted from “How Happy Is Your Organization?” by Susan David.

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Change How You Follow

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If you feel frustrated or uninspired by your leader, you’re in good company. Many people are unhappy with the leadership styles of those above them. Rather than trying to oust or change your leader, it may be time to look inward.

Accept what you can’t change — your leader’s style. Focus on what you can control — how you follow. If you have a manager who likes to have his hand in everything, don’t resist the micro-managing. Instead, invite him to get involved. He’s likely to include himself anyway, and bringing him in increases the likelihood he will support your work.

If your leader is more hands off and fails to motivate you, find inspiration from the work itself or from others in the organization. Then, reflect back to your leader what you find most inspiring.

You may be able to show him what you need by getting it elsewhere…

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Survive Your Office Outing

This is a very timely post. Lots of folks struggle with this

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Office outings have a purpose — to raise morale, help employees blow off steam, or foster team building.

But that doesn’t mean they’re always enjoyable. If you’re not one for the “forced fun” of a work social event, try these tactics:

•Find a way to participate. Don’t spend the whole time calculating when you can politely leave. Join in. For example, if you don’t want to actively participate in a game, cheer on your teammates or take photos instead.

•Focus on connecting. Treat the outing as an exercise in learning about your colleagues. Ask questions that draw people out. You’re likely to uncover information that will help you work better with your co-workers.

•Keep yourself in check. If there’s alcohol being served and you choose to partake, be disciplined. People will take notice if you start acting goofy or making impolite comments.

Adapted from the HBR Guide to Office Politics.

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