What do we need from our Leaders?

The Illusion of Work

Contradictions in Corporate Leadership Practices – guest post by Tojo Eapen

Umpteen numbers of articles continue to be written about leadership and leadership development.  In recent years, there has been noticeable focus on concepts like emotional intelligence, authenticity, mindfulness, flat, network-centric organizations and virtuous teaching cycles.  Even some of the most famous corporate leaders like Jack Welch and Tim Brown recently emphasized that leadership success is all about growing others.1,2
Dr. Noel Tichy from the University of Michigan wrote in ‘The Cycle of Leadership’ that if you look at the world’s best leaders, you’ll see that they are also the world’s best teachers, because teaching is at the heart of leadership.3 Recent findings in cognitive neuroscience specify that much of our motivation driving social behavior is governed by an overarching organizing principle of minimizing threat and maximizing reward.  The SCARF model from David Rock summarized a framework that…

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