Week #3 – Thinking or Having Thoughts?

Leadership Without Being in Charge

Birds are to air, as fish are to water as human are to thought.

If you believe that is “you” thinking… try stopping it. The subconscious is immersed in whereISblissthought and unless you train it to tune into the thoughts you are committed to, it will train you.

Thinking is difficult work; having thoughts is as easy as a fish in water or a bird in the air.  Thinking is using your imagination, looking for an opening where no one has seen one before, finding a new way to combine the mundane into a kaleidoscope of opportunity.

I took a trip into Bogota yesterday to have my passport renewed. The general story regarding Bogota is a little bit of good followed by a huge “yeah, but.”  That is the human condition.  If anyone were to actually meet God and spend some time, they would return with this story of omnipotence…

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