California’s drought and Agriculture – Running out of Water


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Droughts aren?t new to the golden state, but this one is for the ages and it comes with a distinct set of troubles

Duane Tilden‘s insight:

>”The situation has even sparked a trip from President Obama, who visited the epicenter of California’s massive agriculture industry, the Central Valley, on Friday and announced $100 million in livestock disaster assistance, $5 million in targeted assistance for hard-hit areas, $5 million for watershed protection programs, $60 million for food banks and 600 new sites for a summer meals program, $3 million in emergency water assistance for rural communities, and a commitment from the federal government to reduce water use and focus nation-wide on climate resilience. […]

The elephant in the room when it comes to water in California is agriculture, which uses around 80 percent of the state’s developed water supply. Ag in California…

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Rely on Routines to Free Your Mental Energy

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Every time you make a decision — which candidate to hire, whether to delegate a task, even what to eat for lunch — you create mental tension. Our energy to make decisions is limited; stress and fatigue can keep us from making good ones. Use routines to reduce the number of decisions you have to make: If there’s something you need to do daily, try doing it at the same time every day. For example, establish a ritual for preparing for work in the morning. That might begin with checking e-mails and voice mails and responding to the urgent ones first to make it easier to move more quickly to important projects.

Set up a similar routine for packing up to go home at night. Once you’ve put less-important decisions on autopilot, you’ll free up your energy for things that matter more.

Adapted from the HBR Guide to Managing Stress…

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To Manage Your Workload, Defer Early and Often

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You can make the greatest contribution to your organization by focusing on your own highest-value work. If you find yourself taking on an increasing number of projects and/or people, deflect tasks that someone else can do — even if you could help — before they ever hit your to-do list. Deferring is different from delegating. Delegating is handing off your responsibilities; deferring incorporates delegating, but also involves passing activities on to another appropriate party before they ever hit your to-do list.

For example, if someone asks you an IT question, direct them to the Help Desk. If you’re invited to attend a meeting where you may offer some insight but other attendees could probably offer something similar, consider not going. Deferring shows respect for others’ competency and allows you the bandwidth to get done what only you can do, which is what your team really needs.

Adapted from “How Office…

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Social Media Statistics | Social Media Today

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It is crucial to invest in your social media presence in ways that will yield the greatest ROI.

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10 social media marketing trends to watch in 2014

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The age of innocence is over. Social media is moving from adolescence to post pubescent, facial hair growing adulthood.

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Klout’s Score Goes Up by +$100 Million – The Wire

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Klout’s Score Goes Up by +$100 MillionThe WireIf social media is like high school, Klout is the company that not only knows how cool you are, it gives you an actual grades you out of 100.
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