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Missions Enhancement: Rerun

Empire Kred

I would like to announce a new enhancement to Missions:  You can now ‘rerun’ a Mission that has been previously archived!

This will allow you to add more Rewards to an existing Mission, while retaining all other aspects of it – including who previously completed it, so they cannot complete it again.

You cannot change any other property of a Mission (title, link URL, size of reward, etc) when you rerun it.

Any previously-archived Mission can be rerun.  However a Mission can only be rerun ONCE per day.  An exception to this rule is if the previous run of a Mission saw ALL available Rewards claimed – you will be able to be rerun these Missions immediately.

Once a Mission has been rerun, the details of each instance is available from the Mission Completions details page, allowing you to track the number of Rewards/Completions per individual run of the same…

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Stanze segrete nel Palazzo Comunale di Siena

Artrotter's Blog

Occasione unica per visitare le “stanze segrete” del Palazzo Comunale senese nel prossimo fine settimana.
Nel Palazzo, che ospita in ciclo di affreschi di Ambrogio Lorenzetti con le Allegorie del Buono e Cattivo Governo e la Maestà di Simone Martini ,visite guidate solo su prenotazione sabato 21 e domenica 22 Giugno 2014.
Visitabili sei stanze e due atri alla scoperta di capolavori che normalmente non sono visibili in quanto collocati all’interno degli uffici comunali.


Per informazioni e prenotazioni: 0577 286300

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Manoj Treks up Chembra in #Kerala

Evgeniya Revisits A Sultan’s Folly–#Daulatabad

Full Moon Engage Me Social Media Event – FAQs Frequently Asked Questions #EAv #FullMoonEngageMe

Management Tip ~ Improve Your Presentation in Real Time

Cperky's Blog

It may seem difficult to evaluate the progress of your presentation while you’re giving it, but skilled speakers monitor the room.  Look for audience cues such as interest or boredom. Note the questions people ask as they may point to areas that need clarification. If it’s appropriate, you can even stop and ask the audience for their input on how it’s going. This may allow you to change tacks if necessary.  When possible, have a random spectator take notes on audience reaction.  Once it’s over, do a thorough post-mortem.  Was your objective achieved? Did the audience seem engaged?  Note what went well and what didn’t.  Ask for feedback from credible participants.  If you’re making the presentation again, how will you improve it next time?

Today’s Management Tip was adapted from the Harvard ManageMentor Online Module: Presentation Skills.  

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