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Legends Comp Plan (Simplified version)

Personal Referalls- 1st 2 sales $50.00 commission, after that $80.00 to Infinity

Profit Center- 2 personals who sponsor 2 creates another spot in matrix

Coded Bonuses- 1st 2 personals $30 everytime they sponsor someone to infinity

Also on Coded Bonuses- match ups from your second level also

100% matching bonuses on ALL personals

Matrix Commissions- 2×15, see diagram for levels and compensation, matrix commissions start at…

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New York City Photos | Gallery | 1

New York City Photos | Gallery | 1.

Getting Started Guide

Getting Started Guide.

The Cistern by PawelUchorczak

How To Increase Your Content Ranking | How To Use Growth Hacking As A Start-Up

Vitus Feldmann

If you run a blog or website you should have a look at the two posts below. Creating traffic for your site, or making sure your traffic is not breaking away is mandatory for your site success.

Ever heart of growth hacking? If not and you are a start-up, have a look at this post.

Your feedback is appreciated.

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Search, SEO | Are We Coming To The End of SEO?

Search, SEO | Are We Coming To The End of SEO?.