6 Qualities of Content That Gets Socially Shared and Goes Viral

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Who doesn’t like shares and retweets? They’re addictive, they spread the word about your brand or website and they’re free promotion. But unfortunately, they aren’t very easy to get, especially given how crowded and noisy the web has become. Even as you read this, hundreds of posts are being published and thousands of updates are being posted on your favorite social media channels and you are probably going to miss out on most of them (that doesn’t mean you should close this and go back to your social streams).

The point I am trying to make is that getting your content promoted on social media has gotten tougher, especially the free aspect of it. Gone are the days when you could put up something interesting and you’d get tons of engagement on it. Now you really need to invest time and effort into making a return. But all is still not…

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Born Asleep – @BBCPanorama 2014 BBC Full Documentary on UK Stillborn Baby Scandal

Da Rauschenberg a Jeff Koons. Lo sguardo di Ileana Sonnabend

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Affacciato sul Canal Grande a Venezia, Cà Pesaro , lo splendido palazzo barocco sorto nella seconda metà del ‘600 per volontà della famiglia Pesaro, ospita nelle sue bellissime sale la Galleria Internazionale d’Arte Moderna.
La collezione municipale d’arte moderna di Venezia è stata avviata nel 1897 in occasione con la seconda edizione della Biennale d’arte cinque anni dopo , nel 1902 il Comune decide di farla ospitare nella Ca’ Pesaro, che era da poco stato donato alla città dalla duchessa Felicita Bevilacqua La Masa.
Il Palazzo diventa sede permanente della Galleria Internazionale d’Arte Moderna e oltre alla collezione , arricchita negli anni grazie grazie ad acquistate del Comune alle Biennali e a donazioni, ospita mostre temporanee di grande significato storico artistico.
Nel 2013, la collezione di opere di Ileana Sonnabend, gallerista, mecenate e collezionista dell’arte del ‘900, viene concessa alla Galleria di Ca’ Pesaro con un prestito a lungo termine che permette l’organizzazione della mostra «Da Rauschenberg a Jeff Koons. Lo sguardo di Ileana Sonnabend» a cura di Gabriella Belli e di Antonio Homem presenta una selezione di 72 opere del deposito .

Opere intense e significative come questa tecnica mista di Robert Rauschenberg


Robert Rauschenberg,Interior, 1956,tecnica mista su tela
(olio, matita, carta, legno, cappello, chiodi e stagno pressato)
cm 122.56 x 117.79 x 19.05, © Estate of Robert Rauschenberg, by SIAE 2014© Sonnabend Collection, New York

o questo encausto su tela di Jasper Johns, entrambe opere degli anni ’50.


Jasper Johns, F

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How to retarget your audience with native advertising

Very good post. Just becoming a big initiative at my media company so appreciate the info

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You’ve likely done this yourself: You visit a website, add a few products to your shopping cart and then get sidetracked by an email, a phone call or a meeting. Next thing you know, you’ve completely forgotten about your potential purchase.

Even when you were so close to making a purchase, you completely lost interest in the website and may have ended up making the purchase elsewhere or completing some other type of conversion.

A major challenge for online business owners and marketers is holding the attention of consumers until they’ve made a conversion.

One way of re-engaging your recent web visitors, existing customers, subscribers of your email list, mobile app users and other individuals who have interacted with your organization in some capacity is through retargeting.

Retargeting people who have recently interacted with your brand with a relevant ad is a highly effective way to reach these users…

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So What is Wrong with Mammography Screening for Breast Cancer early Detection?

Size Matters: So Why Do Brands Have Such Small Mobile Marketing Budgets? | Mobile Marketing Watch

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Source: www.mobilemarketingwatch.com

J. Barton writes “True, no cookies. Out with the old, in with the new. It’s not easy — but it’s essential.”

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My Auckland Commute to Work

My Auckland Commute to Work.