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Applying Intelligent Efficiency to the Transportation Sector


A new report from ACEEE, Energy Savings from Information and Communications Technologies in Personal Travel,estimates that aggressively incorporating a handful of ICT strategies could reduce energy consumption in transportation by almost 13% by 2030.


>” […] Intelligent efficiency is the use of information and communications technologies (ICT) to improve the overall productivity and efficiency of a given sector.

In transportation, intelligent efficiency can affect the way we travel by providing us with real-time feedback and information on fuel economy, making it easier for us to use alternatives to driving such as public transit and bicycles, and by moving traffic away from peak travel times and consolidating travelers into fewer vehicles.

[…] The strategies discussed in the report include:

  • Car and bike sharing
  • Real-time transit information
  • In-vehicle feedback
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle communications and driver assist applications
  • ICT-based transportation demand management programs (TDM)

The report aims to provide readers with a sense of…

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5 Reasons Oil Prices Are Dropping


Key contributing factors in the fall in oil prices range from surprise production levels in Libya to, in-fighting between OPEC members and EU economic outlook…


“> […]

1. The U.S. Oil Boom
America’s oil boom is well documented. Shale oil production has grown by roughly 4 million barrels per day (mbpd) since 2008. Imports from OPEC have been cut in half and for the first time in 30 years, the U.S. has stopped importing crude from Nigeria.

2. Libya is Back
Because of internal strife, analysts have until recently assumed that Libya’s output would hover around 150,000-250,000 thousand barrels per day. It turns out that Libya has sorted out their disruptions much quicker than anticipated, producing 810,000 barrels per day in September. […]

3. OPEC Infighting 
There have been numerous reports about the discord between OPEC members, leading many to believe that OPEC will not be able to…

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Embodied Energy – A Measure of Sustainability in Buildings & Construction


Embodied energy in building materials has been studied for the past several decades by researchers interested in the relationship between building materials, construction processes, and their environmental impacts.


>” […]

What is embodied energy?
There are two forms of embodied energy in buildings:

· Initial embodied energy; and
· Recurring embodied energy

1.  The initial embodied energy in buildings represents the non-renewable energy consumed in the acquisition of raw materials, their processing, manufacturing, transportation to site, and construction. This initial embodied energy has two components:

  • Direct energy the energy used to transport building products to the site, and then to construct the building; and
  • Indirect energy the energy used to acquire, process, and manufacture the building materials, including any transportation related to these activities.

2.  The recurring embodied energy in buildings represents the non-renewable energy consumed to maintain, repair, restore, refurbish or replace materials, components or systems during the life of the building.

As buildings become more energy-efficient, the ratio of embodied energy to lifetime consumption increases. Clearly, for buildings claiming to be “zero-energy”…

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Arte Fiera 2014

Artrotter's Blog

Grande successo l’ Arte Fiera  di  quest’anno con quasi  50000 visitatori  in aumento rispetto all’edizione passata.

In aumento anche il numero , 172, di gallerie presenti .

Interessanti le sezioni proposte, dall’Arte Moderna e contemporanea, alle “Nuove proposte”  con opere di artisti nati dopo il 1979 e quella di “Solo Show”  con stand monografici fino a quella della Fotografia  che vede la collaborazione con MIA, la fiera milanese specializzata in fotografia.

Come fotografia ho trovato particolarmente intrigante la produzione di Nino Migliori , della Galleria Duemila&Novecento  che rende, con maestria, frutta e verdura, notevoli  protagonisti  delle sue fotografie. Qui un’immagine  della serie “Il tempo rallentato” (2009, pure pigmented print on cotton paper.securedownload

Ho apprezzato in modo particolare l’allargamento dell’arco temporale nelle opere esposte nella sezione Arte Modera con l’ultima produzione dell’Ottocento, con gallerie che trattano quasi esclusiva mento questo periodo come la Parronchi di Firenze qui  un Lodovico Tommasi con caratteristico paesaggio toscana,

054 o la Bottegantica di Savona con alcuni bei Boldini, De Nittis, Mosè Bianchi

046o ancora la Enrico di Genova con questo  ritratto di Alice Regnault di Boldini,


accanto a quelle che trattano sia l’800 che il ‘900 come la Galleria Studio d’Arte dell’800/900 dove mi ha colpito questo Galileo Chini di atmosfera.


Nella sezione Arte Moderna il ‘900 e ancor più il secondo novecento fanno la…

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Empire Avenue Photography Contest – December #EAvPhoto #EmpireAvenue

Empire Kred

The Photography Contest will be a themed monthly contest and The December Holiday Contest will run from December 1st to December 31st.

The photos must be related to either Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or other major holiday.

First, Second and Third Place winners will be by popular vote, The Judges Choice Award will be given to the one member, either one of the placed winners or one that the Judges feels is the best.


You must be a member of Empire Avenue , you can enter a maximum of 3 photos  and they must be an original work of yours.

By submitting your photos to the 2014 Empire Avenue Community Photo Contest, you agree to the following:

* The Photo Contest is run by players, for players.

* You retain copyright and remain the owner of your images and may continue to use them in any manner you choose.

* You…

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Kamal Bennani Photography

Credit: Kamal Bennani
Location: Picardie, France
Autumn in the Picardie

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