United Airlines Broke My Guitar and Delta Now Offers Pet Tracking with Wireless GPS

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Delta Now Offering Pet Tracking with Wireless GPS

Source: thepointsguy.com

Delta has got it right in this case, pun intended.  Not only will they let you track your luggage and pay you a penalty of 2,500 Sky Miles if your luggage doesn’t turn up within 20 minutes, but they will also track your pet for you with GPS.

This is a great response to a PR debacle when people flew to New York for the prestigious Westminster Dog Show, but their pets ended up in Seattle and other places, not New York. Unlike United, they have taken a really bad situation, learned from it, committed to a better result and now provide a service which people will trust.

As to United, not only do they have a reputation for damaging guitars, they don’t appear to have learned from it. I stopped flying with them after a trip to Orlando, where…

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